Living in Dubai

December 4, 2023

Living in Dubai can be one of the most exciting experiences you have ever had.However, living in Dubai like any new country can be daunting, especially if you do not know enough about the city and how to get a Dubai visa.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dubai

Like any other place in the world, Dubai has its drawbacks When moving to a new place, it is important to know what good and bad things you can expect from your new home.

Living in Dubai

Benefits of living in Dubai

Dubai is an exciting and eventful destination that cannot be ignored! So, if you want to enjoy your social life and work life in a fast way, it is a good place.
The weather in Dubai is excellent for 8 months of the year.
The social aspect of life in Dubai is wonderful and diverse.
Sports clubs are more concentrated in Dubai than anywhere else in the world!
Dubai bars, clubs and restaurants host a wide range of tastes that anyone can enjoy.
The educational standards in Dubai are excellent and new schools and colleges are built in the city almost every year.

Usually every big international company has a base in Dubai, which means that there are many opportunities in Dubai.
No tax income! This means that the funds can be easily returned to the country, so you can earn a great salary in Dubai and send some of it to another country.
The UAE welcomes flights from all over the world with its main international airport.
Shopping in Dubai is fantastic! The standard of living is very high and crime is very low.
Dubai is one of the most moderate cities in terms of implementing the rules of Islam in everyday life. Immigrants can buy alcohol in Dubai and are also allowed to eat and drink during Ramadan.
Taxis are very cheap and the government invests heavily in the public transport system.

Cars and gasoline are really cheap.

Disadvantages of living in Dubai

One of the disadvantages of Dubai for new immigrants is that they have to be licensed for everything.You need a work permit and a residence permit in Dubai.Of course, there are many ways to get a Dubai visa, including buying a property in Dubai. As a result, if you have enough information in this area, you can easily skip this step.
Another disadvantage of this city is the summer months from June to September, when the weather is almost unbearably hot and many immigrants use the holidays to return home during this period.
The traffic situation in Dubai can affect the lives of people who have to travel or take their children to school and so on. Of course, the government’s investment program in public transportation systems reduces the problem to some extent.
Living in Dubai is really what you make of it. This is a matter of personal choice and preference, as well as finding out if the opportunities that Dubai offers (such as a good income without tax burden) outweigh the potential negatives!

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