Company registration in Dubai

December 4, 2023

Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in Dubai and since, it has high rate in the field of business and trading and also has growing economy system, most investors and companies are looking to develop their business in this region. What are the conditions for registering company in Dubai? Is it possible to get residency in Dubai by registering a company?

Launching a company in Dubai

The terms and conditions of launching and registering company in Dubai depends on the business and keep in mind that, you can’t do several unrelated tasks in one company. After preparing required documents, you should determine invests and members of the company, then location of the office. After that, you get legal approval and register the company.

Company registration in Dubai

Since tourism industry has become popular than the past, registering a tourism company can be a good option. However, registering company in Dubai will be profitable due to its economic growth. Those who register a company in Dubai, should pay their taxes and employer’s salary and insurance premiums on time.

Company registration license in Dubai

There are 4 types of license for company registration in Dubai:

  • Industrial license. Companies that want to work in the field of good production, should get this license.
  • Professional license. This license is necessary for medicine, technology, law or accounting.
  • Tourism license. Those who want to launch a travel agency, should get this license.
  • Commercial license. Individuals and companies that want to work in the field of business and trade, should get this license for their business.

Benefits of company registration in Dubai

Registering a company in Dubai has ideal conditions for investors at international level and will be supported by the UAE government. Benefits are as follows:

  • Using international employers
  • Receiving loans of owner of the business
  • Receiving legal privileges from the UAE
  • Buying property in Dubai with the name of company
  • Having online bank account without need of visa

Cost of company registration in Dubai

You can get the help of Marames Real Estate advisor to get the detailed information about cost of registering company in Dubai. In fact, cost of registering company in Dubai depends on type of your business. The cost for registering a LLC company (limited liability company) with cost of office rent and visa is about 35000 dirhams, and for specialized companies is about 45000 dirhams. All costs are pre-determined and won’t be notified suddenly.

Can I get the residency by registering a company in Dubai?

You can not get the permanent residency except with the golden residency card. In fact, to register the company, you need to tourist visa to travel to Dubai, then, after passing the procedures and registering the company, you have investment visa and can get a 3-year residency which can be extended.

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