Free things to do in Dubai

February 28, 2020

Free things to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best cities for tourists and its skyscrapers, hotels, shopping malls and beaches are as tourist attractions. Dubai entertainments are attractive for travelers, and have high costs. But is it possible to travel to Dubai without using the entertainments? You can enjoy from some entertainments without paying a fee.

Shopping malls

Going to shopping malls is one of the exciting things to do in Dubai which is free. Each malls have its own architecture and it is interesting to know that there is 65 shopping malls in Dubai. Dubai Mall is one of the best shopping center in Dubai with Egyptian architecture and you van visit from Underwater Zoo and Aquarium.

• Dessert tour

Dubai is one of the dry cities in the world that has beautiful desserts and you can visit them freely and take memorable photos. Enjoy the safari in the Al Qaidra area which is only half hour away from the city.

• Beach tour

Dubai has stunning beaches and you can use them freely and enjoy walking there. Keep in mind that, you have to pay to enter the beaches of the hotels, but the others are completely free. Marina Beach is one of the entertainment places in Dubai and the boats moored at the pier, have been made it more beautiful.
Don’t miss visiting Jumeirah Beach. This is a white sand beach, has 19 km long and the restaurants around it open all day long and you can enjoy walking on the beach.

• Dubai Fountain Display

This musical Fountain is located in Burj Khalifa Lake, which cost 800 million dirham to build it and has ability to display 25 different colors. In this Fountain, the water is thrown up to a highest of 125 meters from the ground, and operates for half an hour from 13:30 to 14:00 and every half hour from 18:00 to 23:00.

• Riverland Complex

Riverland is a collection of restaurants and theaters whose design is reminiscent of industrial England in the 19th century. There are 4 parks: River Land, Legoland, Bollywood and Motion Gif in this complex, which is completely free and in a way that you have been traveled to the 4 past eras. This complex is open from 9am to 8pm.

• Waterfalls of Blue Canal

The Dubai Blue Canal is located in Sheikh Zayed Street, is free and you can walk or ride a bicycle on a 12-kilometer route. This canal has mechanical waterfalls and work from 8-10 pm and when the boats pass under the canal, its color will be changed.

• Dubai Heritage

This village exhibits [otters, wavers and practitioners of other traditional crafts and demonstration of pearl driving make the experience of Dubai’s culture and heritage is the best to visit it freely.
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